Customers reviews

Olga is such a kick! He is sweet, brimming with vitality and vinegar and such a doll face!!! He is always ‘assaulting’ different felines and they totally cherish it!! There will never be a dull minute and everything he does it makes all of us grin. What an excellent little cat he is!! Alìc, you should be so glad to deliver such completely invaluable, sound and dazzling critters.
She mailed us shirts with our kitten’s scent and hair all over it multiple times just to be sure before we made the move on buying our kitten and bringing her home. Now we have our baby home and my husband still has had no allergy reaction! It’s truly a blessing as now our little family feels so complete with our Russian Blue kitten!
This Breeder makes the entire process so easy and simple along with fun and exciting as she updates with pictures along the way while you anxiously await to bring your baby home. Her communication is better than I could’ve asked for! These kittens are well taken care of by this Breeder.
Needed to give you a brisk email to make proper acquaintance and Thank You! Little Irina has quite recently fallen into our family impeccably. He coexists incredible with the canines and my more established kitty Wimpy. Weak has taken to cleaning Irina without wanting to. Irina follows Wimpy’ tail and Wimpy places him in a wrestler’s hold and begins cleaning him while Irina’s legs thrash as he attempts to make tracks in an opposite direction from the shower. It is amusing!
We definitely plan to purchase more Russian Blue kittens from this Breeder again in the future. Highly recommend!!!!! Had a great experience and have received the most amazing and beautiful kitten ever and I know you will too if you choose this Breeder! A+++++ 5/5***** THANK YOU again Buyrussianblue!
He generally welcomes everybody with his small murmuring engine. He is sitting in my lap right now at the PC murmuring without end, so I snapped off an image or two for you. Much obliged to you for raising such a brilliant little cat kid. He is such an attractive and adoring little soul. Expectation everything is great! Good health!